Create Sacred Space

I invite you to cultivate a daily Spiritual Practice, to invite in the Sacred, sit in stillness and listen. Connect with your wonderful, wise, brave, and loving inner knowing. Seek your own inner wisdom and guidance, especially when you are lost, fearful, confused, and in need of answers and clarity. As you embrace your inner wisdom, you will feel a soul shift, you will see the world through different eyes, and that's where the magick will start to create the life you desire, inspire others, and most of all Sparkle...shining your light bright.

Creating Sacred Space is at the core of my healing journey. It's the first tool I learned on my path and it's the foundation for all the tools that follow. Spending 10 minutes a day in our Sacred Space, especially upon awakening, connecting to our Higher-self, can make a huge difference in how we move throughout the rest of the day. Allowing us to live life from a place of Grace and matter what the day may bring.

This course is a self-paced course in which you can take your time exploring and building upon it. It invites you to explore some creative and useful ways to infuse your personal space with your own essence, inviting the Sacred into your space when journaling, meditating, praying, arting, doing yoga, or any other creative outlet that empowers you and makes you Sparkle!

If you are wanting to explore creating and maintaining a Sacred Space of your own and you are open to exploring what Sacred Space means to you through your own Creative Lens - then this Course is for you!

I'm offering a mini course for FREE so you can do a little exploring and introduce yourself to my self-discovery and self-exploration techniques. Then you can choose if you want to dive deeper.

I believe during these unprecedented times we can all use ritual and mindfulness to navigate our "New Norm". Therefore I'm offering this course on a Sliding Scale so it's affordable to everyone. I ask that you be generous and pay what you can, as it opens up an energy exchange to pay it forward.

In This Course You Will:

  • Explore what Sacred Space means to you.
  • Learn ways to clear and cleanse your Sacred Space.
  • Discover ways to invite Sacred Space throughout your home.
  • Tap into your own wisdom and awaken your inner knowing.

What you will need for the Course:

  • A journal, notebook something to keep the answers to the journaling questions and Artsignments™ along with your thoughts and feelings in one place.
  • An open mind and heart to explore not only the offerings in this course but also your inner knowing.
  • A playful attitude, have fun, get creative, and enjoy the process.

You will also receive these bonus offerings:

  • Intro to Essential Oils
  • The Meaning of Stones
  • Earth Offerings

Sacred Sound

Whether through music, instruments, or our voices, when used with intent it becomes a Sacred tool for us, helping us clear the energy and raising the vibration in space.

Sacred Fire and Smoke

Fire is transformational and Smoke is believed to lift our prayers to the heavens. Both help transform the stagnant, negative energy, burning it away and making room for the new.

Sacred Water

One of the ways I use water to cleanse and clear is through the use of Clearing Sprays, I enjoy making these using Moon water, or Spring water and Essential Oils!

Sacred Earth

The Earth element is known to have a grounding, stable energy. Also, Earth is our spiritual mother, thus her energy is loving and nurturing.

Guides and Guardians

You can call in Saints, Angels, Animal Spirit Guides, or even Faeries whichever speaks to your soul is perfect and beautiful to hold your intention. Call in your ancestors and place pictures of them on your Altar.

Earth Offerings

These Earth Offerings are a way of giving thanks and being in right relationship with the lands that sustained us. I hope it inspires you too to connect with the land you live on and the people that came before you.

Course Curriculum

  3 Simple Steps ~ Free Mini Course
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  Sacred Space
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  Clearing and Cleansing
Available in days
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  Creating Sacred Space Throughout your Home
Available in days
days after you enroll
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