Nurturing the Mind, Body, & Spirit

Throughout my own healing journey I learned how to address the whole person, the Mind, Body, and Spirit, through the art of Alchemy, by transforming Energies, Vibrations, Emotions, and Consciousness from one form to another. Which I found promotes alignment to help us achieve our most vibrant juicy life.

Having been raised around alternative healing, I was open to the various tools available to us and deepened my work with them. I learned ways to help us in shifting our stories, by exploring our shadow and tapping into our creative side, while supporting our journey with the use of various tools.

Through these offerings, I share creative practices like Neurographic Therapeutic Art Coaching, Intentional Painting, Art Journaling, and ARTsignments™... all various ARTuals which help us tap into our innate creativity. I also share how to tap into the 4 levels of perception and how to use the support of modalities such as Aromatherapy, Affirmations, Moon Phase Energy, Chakra Balancing, Energy Work, Crystal healing, etc. so we can achieve alignment through intent.

Come journey with me as we explore our depths and tap into the mystery!

Where to start?

Start with Creating Sacred Space...

Whether this space is within you, within your home, or out in nature.

This is the first tool I learned and what's become the core of my healing. When doing self-exploration and self-discovery work, I’ve found it vital to carve out time to sit, connect, ask and listen.

Our daily routines or what I refer to as rituals set the foundation for our life. The difference between rituals and routines is that a ritual is a practice done with mindful, purposeful intent not just for the mere reason to get something done.

The most empowering ritual for me has been creating Sacred Space. Just taking a few minutes each morning to connect to my higher-self and the elements, before I start my day, makes a huge difference. A difference in how I move through and show up in the world.

I feel it's the first step on our journey to unbecoming everything we thought we needed to be.

Begin by exploring Creating Sacred Space below and start your own journey to discover your authentic self.


Explore my offering of Co-Creative Coaching!

Allow me to be your guide as you transform your world with the tip of your marker! Explore the alchemy of Art as Healing, Art as Energy Work...

Journey through turning a simple bookbinding process into a soulful transformational experience. As you continue to explore Art as medicine.