Step 2 ~ The Visualization

How did your exploration of what Sacred Space means to you through words and/or symbols turn out? I'm sure by now you are starting to get an idea of how your Sacred Space can be infused with your own essence. Now, I invite you to visit your Sacred Space, by visualizing it and exploring what you find there.

This ARTsignment™ will be a Story Completion. I will guide you by offering you a prompt and asking you to complete the sentence with the first thing that comes to mind. Again don't over think it...just write the first thing that comes to mind. Once more, I invite you to grab a piece of paper, pen, pencil or marker and let's begin!

🌙 A Moonlit Pearl of Inspiration ~

Everyone experiences meditation differently. Some of us are very visual, others just get a feeling or sense, while yet others hear or have a knowing. I'm sharing this with you because I often hear when people share their meditation experiences that they wonder why theirs were so different, or why they didn't “see” all the details like someone else experienced. It's because we all have different experiences when we meditate. For me it's more of a feeling, a knowing more than it is visually seeing the objects or space around me. I assure you how ever you experience your meditation, it's perfectly right for you.

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