Step 1 ~ Explore what it means to you

Simple Word Collage

First, let's explore what Sacred Space means to you through a creative activity.

Let's create a Word Collage ~

Download the pdf provided below or just grab a piece of paper/your journal, some colored pencils, pens, or markers.

Write “Sacred Space” in the center of your paper...then I invite you to write a bunch of words that come to mind when you think of Sacred Space.

Don't overthink it, just write whatever words come to mind, in fact, I invite you to set a timer for 5 mins. Then let the words flow out, engage play...write them in different colors, styles, and directions, so that you are left with an assortment of words that express your feelings about Sacred Space.

🌙 A Moonlit Pearl of Inspiration ~

Here's another fun approach to the same ARTsignment™...for those of you wanting to engage your right-brain or are simply more visual.

Do the same as above only this time doodle symbols. Quickly draw a bunch of symbols and doodles that come to mind when you think of “Sacred Space”. Again, try playing around with different colors, styles, and directions, fill your paper with all that comes to you, this time you are left with an assortment of symbols.

When you've completed it, look at your assortment of words and/or symbols and explore the following questions...

~ What do they make you think of, or remember?

~ What is the first thing you noticed about your collection of words/symbols?

~ What surprised you the most about what you wrote or doodled?

In conclusion, write a few lines about what your inner wisdom is telling you about Sacred Space and what it means to you.

3 Simple Steps 1.pdf
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