Step 3 ~ Inviting in the Sacred

This is our last ARTsignment™ in the Free Creating Sacred Space Mini ecourse which leads to the main course where you get to explore deeper what it means to create Sacred Space with your unique essence. By now you have a pretty clear idea of what your Sacred Space's intention is, the feeling of it, and of course what Sacred Space means to YOU!

Now, I invite you to take action, invite in the sacred, and bring to being all that you discovered. Look around your home, go out in nature, visit a thrift store...all the while collecting things that would reflect what you've discovered through the journaling and ARTsignments™ you've completed thus far. Things that you want to include in your personal Sacred Space. Remember whatever calls to you is perfect, as we are all individuals with various likes/dislikes, inspirations, and essences.

I invite you to get creative, infuse your Sacred Space with your own expression...some examples are...

~ Burning incense or diffusing oils

~ Burning more than one candle

~ Creating an altar

~ Adding crystals to your Sacred Space

~ Bringing a shawl or your favorite blanket into your Sacred Space

These are just a few of the things we will be exploring further in the following course. As I've mentioned we are all unique, so whatever you are inspired to have in your Sacred Space is perfect. Creating a quiet Sacred Space will support you in being present for virtual gatherings, allowing you to connect in spirit with those circling with you. And remember...Sacred Space doesn't have to be in a room or even in your home...if a place in your garden, the forest, or by the sea calls to you, that's perfect too. Just bring any tools that you are inspired to include with you or none at all, that's perfect too. This is your space, your safe haven, make it your own.

🌙 A Moonlit Pearl of Inspiration ~

Inviting in the Sacred during Virtual Gatherings, such as New and Full Moon gatherings, creative sessions, etc can be as simple as gathering these 3 things...

~ Choosing a Candle to light during the gathering

~ Having a cup of tea or glass of water at hand

~ Finding a cozy seat, to comfortably enjoy the time you will be spending in Sacred Space

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