Hello Creative Soul!

Let's engage our creativity and do a little self-exploration around Sacred Space. I'm Allurynn Daugherty and I'm so excited to be your guide as we explore Sacred Space! I'll be introducing you to ARTsignments™ as a creative tool for self-exploration and self-discovery.

When we engage in any type of soulful work...inviting in the Sacred makes it that much more powerful and meaningful. As it helps us step out of our mundane world and step into presence. Allowing for a deeper connection with our inner wisdom.

As I mentioned in the welcome video, Sacred Space can be anything from a small space in our home to our whole home, to a clearing in a forest or a spot by the sea, so allow your creativity for flow as you explore what sacred space means to you.

Sacred Space is wherever the physical and energetic meet...where the Body, Mind, and Spirit become one and balanced with grace and ease. This Sacred Space then becomes a safe haven, a place where we can explore ourselves with deeper self-discovery practices. Where we can connect to Divinity and embrace our inner spark. As well as energetically connect to one another during virtual gatherings. Allowing us to create a space and connect with sparkling souls no matter where they are tuning in from as we come together to share and to heal.

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